Myrtle Beach Tree Service - The Cheaper Tree Company Main Headquarters
550 Garden City Connector
Garden City, SC 29576

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Dear Valued Customer,

"We are going Green." Would you like to join us and save money? and feel better about removing those trees...

Well, the first thing is the trees that we are removing/pruning for you are chipped into mulch. The mulch that you buy from Lowe's, Home Depot, or local nurseries is from tree companies just like Myrtle Beach Tree Service. Did you know that? The only difference in our mulch and their mulch is that they dye it different colors. The mulch in our trucks after the trees are chipped is a great natural resource for the topsoil around your plants, shrubs, and other trees. The mulch can keep plants healthier and more susceptible to fighting disease and fungus that may get into your plants, shrubs, or trees. The mulch can also stop the weeds from growing.

So please, let us know before we leave if you would like a FREE load of mulch dumped and spread into your landscape beds at no charge.


Tree Removal Tree Removal Tree Removal Tree Removal

Myrtle Beach Tree Service is also trying to cut back on fuel costs to be a "green" company. Now with our new Tri-EXT @ 50 miles to the gallon, we can go on our estimates and pick up equipment for our crews for nearly nothing in fuel (compared to the other company vehicles we were using). If other companies will join us throughout the world, we can make a difference.


The Myrtle Beach Tree Service Corporation!